Upcoming Events

International events can be found on Girl Guides Australia website. The Tasmanian cutoff date for all International events is 2 weeks prior to the Australian date.

Scout Guide Regatta 2018

The 55th Scout Guide Regatta will be held at Snug on 10-12 March, 2018.  Encourage your youth members to participate.  Look for information in Platypus, the Scout and Guide web pages and Facebook. Filling in the Registration form  Please ensure you choose the correct Registration form for your area:  

Registration form for southern groups

Registration form for northern groups

Registration form for groups from the north west

Additional information about the Regatta

Register your unit by 15 December. There is a $50 surcharge for groups registering after 15 December and before mid-January. You can add to your numbers until 2 March but there are fee increases. 

Youth members under 10 are invited to Taster Day.  There will be more details later, but this event is cost free for participants, a great introduction to the Regatta and good fun, especially the exciting finale of the water bomb fight!  Please remember the Regatta site is an ‘alcohol, smoking and drug free zone’.  Please contact Lyn Muir sg.regatta@tas.scouts.com.au if you have any queries about the Regatta.  See you at Snug!