Whoever she is, wherever she is, if a girl wants to be a Guide, opportunities are available for her to be welcomed into the Guiding Family.

Join us as a Girl


  • Guides discover, decide, plan, participate and develop their program to suit their Unit with the guidance of an adult Leader.
  • Guiding activities vary from week to week and ensure a positive Guiding motto that 'Guides can do anything".
  • Guides offer you a 4 week trial which enables you to participate in all activities and really experience Guiding before making the decision to join.
Guides are a non-profit organisation, however, there are basic costs involved for youth members to enable the full functioning of their Unit.  For example: yearly membership to Girl Guides Tasmania and the Guide Uniform and Handbook.  For further details on our affordable fees see Costs and Uniforms


  • If you join Girl Guides between 5-17 years of age, you will be a youth member and placed into a Unit.
  • Units are structured so girls are with their own age group.
  • Unit meetings usually take place once a week during the Tasmanian school term for 1-2 hours within a local hall or community space.
  • Units have opportunities to participate in many programs outside Unit meetings, for example: helping run community events, embrace the outdoors through camping and other adventurous activities, enjoy social outings with other Units and even learn how to save a life!


  • Guides can earn awards within a Unit program, Unit outings and through their own personal accomplishments.
  • These awards can include Unit and District recognition as well as badges and certificates for: completing challenges, gaining new skills, fundraising, participation in activities and introducing a friend to Guiding.
  • Some awards allow girls to set their own personal challenges, others require certain skill levels to be achieved and some awards are designed to be only achieved within a certain time and/or by a certain age group.
  • Guides may choose to work for Challenge Badges and Achievement Awards in many areas. For example: computers, arts, drama, community and the outdoors. World and National Achievement Awards include - the Junior BP and BP Awards and the Queen’s Guide Award.

For more information about the Badge and Award Girl Guide recognition system visit Girl Guides Australia website.

Lone Guides

Tasmania Lones operate Units to cater for girls and young women of all ages who are unable to participate in Unit meetings due to distance, illness or other commitments.

Lone Guides are the same as other Guides in that they are a member of a Unit which follows the Australian Guide Program.  It is the way Lones communicate and undertake activities that is different.  Unit communication may take the form of paper correspondence, internet communication or a mixture of medias.

Who can Join Lone Guides?
Girls who don’t face a distance challenge, may also join Lones.  These girls typically face their own challenges: a heavy study workload at school or college, Guide meetings where they live clash with another important commitment, they are sick and/or often in hospital, they belong to a group of itinerant workers (daughters of fruitpickers or show people for example) or they are the only Guide in their group in that age-group.

For further information on joining Lone Guides please contact l[email protected].