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Toni Miller
   — Her Inspiring Story

Toni Miller first became involved in Guiding as a Brownie, and went on to be an active Guide, Sea Ranger, Leader and trainer.  Her love for and loyalty to the organisation remained throughout her life.  Her friendship and leadership were highly valued by many from the time she was a Sea Ranger and later a Leader of S.R.S. Discovery II in Hobart. In 1963 she re-formed the Queenstown Land Ranger Company and in 1966 SRS Saratoga in Devonport. She was a member of the Tasmanian Training Team and many leaders who trained with Toni were grateful for her inspiration and encouragement.  She was chosen to attend a Trainer’s Conference in Sri Lanka.

Toni was a member of the State Executive Committee (later known as the Board) and she held the position of State International Adviser.   She was also an Adviser for the Australian District Overseas and visited Penang and the Australian Airforce Base at Butterworth.  Toni was selected to attend several International Camps – one being the Australian International Camp at Yarra Junction Victoria - and was chosen as one of two Australians to attend a Young Adult Gathering in Finland as well as an All Australian Moot – Karingal at Castle Hill NSW. Toni’s work as International Adviser saw a dramatic increase in the number of Guides from Tasmania travelling overseas.  She was passionate about the international side of Guiding and she saw in it a positive way to work towards a better world.  Toni was also the State Conservation Co-ordinator for six years and was nominated to stand for the Australian Conservation Committee.

She was awarded the Emu Award - a Good Service Award for the State, National and International.

As Head Prefect at the Fahan School in Hobart she won the Bean Scholarship for Virtue, Manners and Learning.  She was posthumously awarded the Jevtik Medal for bringing honour to the School.  Toni was granted a travelling scholarship on the values of Education.  In 1982 she was made a Fellow of the Australian College of Education.  She was School Principal of Havenview and Acton at Burnie and was deeply respected for her understanding of young children.  Toni spent a period as Acting Superintendent at North West Primary Schools but chose to return to active teaching.  Her last appointment was as Principal of the Devonport Primary School.  Hockey and bushwalking were Toni’s favourite pastimes and she found time to help others as an Honorary Probation Officer and a member of Lifeline.  

Toni’s death in 1984 was a great loss, and her friends and family founded an Award in her honour to enable youth members to attend international Guiding events.  The Toni Miller Challenge was established to encourage Guides to extend their knowledge of international Guiding, and to develop their understanding of cultural similarities and differences.  



The Toni Miller Memorial Fund

The award: Up to $2000 towards a project or event of the participant’s choice, to be awarded every year and presented at the AGM.

The focus of the award is either international or environmental, as these were significant interests of Toni’s. Other projects may be accepted at the discretion of the selection panel.

The recipient may be EITHER:
• an individual aged between 18 and 35 years who wishes to attend an international event held within Australia or overseas;


• a group project with an environmental focus for youth members (no age limit).

Application process:

Submit a written application to the Toni Miller Memorial Fund (by email c/o Guide House) outlining


The international event for which funding is sought (including purpose of the event, where it is to be held, background information about that country / State / Territory, participants, aims of the event and any other relevant information); and

The applicant’s relevant Guiding history and what this applicant hopes to achieve by undertaking this event.


The environmental project for which funding is sought, including aims of the project (what does it hope to achieve), where it would occur, beneficiaries, participants, any other relevant information;

The applicant (eg Unit, District, Division)’s relevant Guiding history and what it is hoped will be achieved by undertaking this event.


All applications must demonstrate some research into Toni Miller and her contribution to Guiding;


All applications must outline how the recipient will share information about the international event or environmental project with other Guiding / community members, within 12 months of the event or project being undertaken.

The selection panel to be Liz Moore, Ann Kruse, the State International Manager and State Outdoor / Environmental Manager (or their representatives).

Application Form

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Application Form
Information Brochure

The closing date will be 30 July 2022.


      1. Release: 30 April 2022

      2. Apply by: 30 July 2022

      3. Assessment ends: 14 August 2022

      4. Announcement starts: 15 August 2022